How Credit Repair Works in USA

How Credit Repair Works in USA

  • Obtain and Upload

    Step by step help to obtain your credit reports and upload them for an analyst to view.  They can assist you in obtaining your credit report for your personal review.

  • Credit Analysis

    One on one credit analysis in the privacy of your own home by a Credit Repair representative.

  • Payment

    After the full analysis audit and consultation is completed, you are charged for the work that has been completed.

  • Complete Plan or Monthly Plan

    Choose to complete the plan on your own or choose the professional services offered by many Credit Repair companies. CreditRepairXp tells you about Best Credit Repair Companies. If you choose additional monthly services, there is NO long-term commitment, simply pay as you go, and cancel if you are not happy for ANY reason.

  • Billing

    You will be billed monthly for all work that has been completed the prior month. If no work was completed, you will not be billed.

  • Review

    Review the results and contact the credit coordinator with any questions and to review your progress.

  • Improve

    During the credit repair process, DO NOT apply for any new credit unless you speak to your advisor first. Credit improvement is a process, not an event. You must be willing to change your overall mindset about credit in order for this process to be effective.

    The credit services described here are only part of this process. We also provide monthly education, tutorials and advanced credit and budgeting tips. Eliminating erroneous late payments, judgments, bankruptcies, foreclosures, etc, is only part of the process. We will also help to advise you on the best places to start to reestablish your credit.

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