Bernie once said in so many words, that if you ask for a slice you usually will get crumbs, thats why you start by asking for the whole loaf.

Monday night at the 2016 Democratic National Convention we were told we can only have half that loaf and if we want the rest we are going to have to work for it like we never have before. The changes we need will not come from figureheads but from those of us who rise up and refuse to quiet our voices.

No, Sarah Silverman we are not being ridiculous to challenge a corrupt system of people that collude to silence our voices. We are not immediately jumping on your bandwagon of unity because we dont trust Hillary Clinton for reasons to great to count. Her snub to Bernie delegates speaks volumes of the gulf we are faced with and the kind of people that push that distance farther.

With the Clinton nomination our duty should be to become the conscience of yet another Clinton presidency but hold her accountable for taking that other half of that loaf. Our voices should be raised even more if Clinton fails to keep her promises.

Yes, we all believe Clinton will do nothing but we do not know it.


The thing that sucks about knowledge is its so after the fact because knowledge requires rational people to withhold judgement until verifiable proof can be found. As we have seen, belief without knowledge leads many to ignorance and bigotry. Delay has always been the best antidote to anger.

Neither presidential choice is appealing in this instance but this is reality and one reason Sanders chose to run democrat was for the changes that are now in the party platform. The platform that the vast network of Democrats at state and local levels must use for their governance. That what we are told and that is what we must believe.

Bernie didnt sell out, he overcame a corrupt system to make the changes that are necessary for the revolution to begin but it is now on us to march forward. Anyone who thought this revolution was going to be as easy as electing one man may have just been in this for the free stuff.

As one who voted for Nader in 2000, I fully realize what results could come from letting democrats lose this election. The lesser of two evils argument is hard to deny but again did we think that evil would disappear with one man?

Id like to personally thank Senator Sanders for all he did to fight the system that pushed him down at every opportunity. I want to thank him for opening many eyes and bringing something to life that I thought died a long time ago. I see people awake and engaged.

We still need to elect Berniecrats into office or become them ourselvesTrump and Clinton are only the figureheads of the larger issue of those who would use power of public office for their own gains. It is time for us to speak up and use the system as it has been used against us.


We still need people with Bernies message to get elected school boards, city councils, municipal offices, state offices as well as congress. Notice I do not say Clintons message.

Im not saying vote for Clinton, but there are real stakes in this. Clinton is a corrupt career politician that has maintained some recognition of constitutional limits but Trump is a money mad buffoon that will use any means to get into power and has no problem throwing people under the bus. The problem is Trump will begin to believe he is rightand he might not give it back.

As always, its our choice.

If we allow ourselves to become disillusioned and bitter then all the criticism about the movement being an infantile temper tantrum will be validated.

Yes Berners, feel mad, feel bitter, but use that energy to launch action and raise voice for the progressive values of this 74 year old man from Vermont who told us one thing.

This is not about me, its about US.

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