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Kevin James wanna be, Joshua Feuerstein wanted some attention so he violated his 9th commandment to the barista’s at Starbucks in order to get Merry Christmas on his little cup.

Since Christians are lying now, it seems they have lost the War on Christmas?

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Democrat? and won’t vote? Stupid

What we can now call the Liberal establishment is furious with the recent movement of boycotting the 2016 elections if Hillary Clinton wins the democratic nomination for president.

This movement comes in response to the apparent favoritism in media and punditry for Clintons campaign seemingly ignoring the popularity of Bernie Sanders by those who are not sponsored by big money.

10 Reasons I’m Only Voting For Bernie Sanders and Will Not Support Hillary Clinton

There is a segment of the voting public that is tired of being shamed into voting for the lesser of two evils.

This has been going on since Get Out The Vote campaigning was developed for voter registration to address voter apathy. The message that was developed tied together voting with to losing something personal.

What developed in our culture was a religious-like response to the act of voting even when it does not serve or even works against the common interests. This thinking has been prevalent for the last 30 years and where has it gotten us?



Liberals have begrudgingly accepted the conservative shift in values to be more centrist when in fact democrats are now more recognizable as what republicans used to be. The goal of this shift has become power and the maintenance of that power. This power is, however, is held is such stalemate by opposing forces that, as we have seen the only result is legislative obstructionism.

In response, the political establishment counters with the nationalistic analogies that for us to win, they must lose. Well, the question I have becomes just who is us and who is them?

With a substantial number of the members of congress who can be classified as millionaires, it seems that blindly voting for the lesser of two evils over time has produced a government for the wealthy by the wealthy. This is not to say that this was never the case to begin with but there has been little true progress forward to put common people among the political elite when it comes to decisions about our nation.

People will argue that Clinton voted with Sanders 93% of the time however, its that 7% Clinton didnt vote for that makes all the difference, especially when it came to war.  Sanders positions remain consistent and are validated by time itself while Clintons positions evolve over time, usually from wrong to kinda-right.

What Sanders message has done is to wake up Americas progressives into realizing just how the DNC has lead their party into equivalence with the Republican philosophies by flavoring them with liberal context. Social changes without real effectiveness and still attached to capitalist values.

Bernie is exactly what America need for the very reasons people say he cant win. The reason his platform seems so radical is because we have drifted so far from what socialism is about. And thats the problem. people have been sold the myth of the welfare queen for so long that we think all public assistance as rewarding failure.

Maybe a complete DNC defeat is needed for real progressive change to start?

As callous as it sounds, maybe people need see some death camps again to appreciate the benefit of giving their fellow humans a little free stuff and stop believing Donald Trump or the lottery is going to make them rich. This is just my opinion however, I dont advocate death camps even for the unpatriotic rich but revolutions can occur in many ways and this can be one them.

What we may be seeing in Bernie supporters refusal to vote for Clinton is the revolt against the corporate takeover of those who are supposed to represent the people. Not the people defined as corporations or special interest but the nation as a whole.

Democratic party is being sent a message that it needs to change to a more progressive and inclusive platform or they will become extinct just as the republican party was subsumed by the tea party radicals.

Now its the progressive radicals turn and the rally point is Bernies candidacy. This is a point where we start demanding more from these public servants for they are public servants beholden to we the people.

Shrugging our shoulders and saying what are you gonna do isnt going to cut it anymore. Doing that has lead us to where we are now with the magnified social problems of inequality, lack of compromise, and serious environmental problems.

Whats stupid may be blindly following expectations. Its your vote. Its your Voice.





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