Taking out a title loan - Good or Bad Idea?

Taking out a title loan – Good or Bad Idea?

We all know what happens when we fail on a loan payment. What we get on our head are fees and extra interest and if you fail to repay this money then might be reported to an agency which is responsible for the collection of loans. After that, you will surely be harassed by phone calls and probably might end up with a lawsuit. Your credit score will surely take a hit once you get into this mess.

One more situation which will just bring you down the dump is if the lender takes away your beloved possession-your car. Imagine the pain of not seeing your car there. That’s what happens when you take out a  fast title loan.

What is a title loan?

A title loan as the name suggests is a title loan that you secure against your car. The basic procedure is that you secure the loan and get a few hundred dollars and then you have to pay it back within a month with the interest fees.

Title loans are also notoriously called pink slip loans and are risky for several reasons. One of the most common reasons is that interest rate is very high- 200% percent being the common percentage. In addition to that, you are only given a few weeks to repay it back. High-interest rates and very short repayment period often leads the borrowers to be trapped into a cycle of debt. Once they can’t repay the loan, they take a loan again which racks up extra fees and interest.

The statistic is that a loan is usually rolled up over by 80% borrowers. Title loans including payday loans are usually termed as Predatory lending which literally puts the borrowers in a debt cycle. In these cases, the lender can take your car and sell it without your consent.

How do title loans work?

Title loans are usually offered online. Once you apply online for a loan, the lender party will come and check your car’s worth and then asses the loan amount and interest fees. A typical loan will have to be repaid in two weeks to a month’s time. You will have to pay back the loan by this time with the addition of the interest.

What happens if I miss a payment on a Title Loan?

If you miss a payment on the title loan, then you are given option by the lender that you need to pay the interest there itself and you can give back the total amount you borrowed the next month. And because you are extending it for another month, you have to pay the interest and fees all over again. You once fall into this trap and hence you get stuck in this cycle. Here, you are not paying any amount of loan; you are just paying the interest back and back again. Once the lender calls your default, he can repossess your car.

How does Title Loan repo work?

In any condition, a lender can repossess your car as soon as you default. They can tow away your car and can take it away without your consent. Some lenders even install GPS in the vehicle to always have a location of the vehicle so then they can confiscate it any time. When the lender repossesses your car, he will put it up for sale to recoup the money you borrowed. In some cases, lenders can keep the entire amount including the profit while in some states they have to give the difference back.

Are Title Loans legal?

Title loans are legal in states like Alabama, Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Many states have banned them because they are very risky and often lead the borrower into a debt cycle.

Final decision

If you have a bad credit history, the chances are that you will be denied a loan. It all depends on your credit score. If your credit score is bad, then you won’t get a loan even from the banks and credit unions.

Before you consider title loans which are a form of predatory lending, you should ask your family for a loan because it would prevent you from falling into a debt cycle.




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Welcome to Windrip!


Life has imitated art many times but this time could be fatal. Whether it be by intentional design or cosmic consciousness synchronicity but undeniably, we are currently living out the first chapters of the novel It Can’t Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis. Below is a brief synopsis of the book on Wikipedia.

It Can’t Happen Here (Signet Classics)

In 1936 Senator Berzelius Buzz Windrip, a charismatic and power-hungry politician, wins the election as President of the United States on a populist platform, promising to restore the country to prosperity and greatness, and promising each citizen $5,000 a year. Portraying himself as a champion of traditional American values, Windrip easily defeats his opponents.

Welcome to Windrip!

Though having previously foreshadowed some authoritarian measures in order to reorganize the United States government, Windrip rapidly outlaws dissent, incarcerates political enemies in concentration camps, and trains and arms a paramilitary force called the Minute Men, who terrorize citizens and enforce the policies of Windrip and his corporatist regime.

One of his first acts as president is to eliminate the influence of the United States Congress, which draws the ire of many citizens as well as the legislators themselves. The Minute Men respond to protests against Windrips decisions harshly, attacking demonstrators with bayonets. In addition to these actions, Windrips administration, known as the Corpo government, curtails women and minority rights and eliminates individual states by subdividing the country into administrative sectors.


The government of these sectors is managed by Corpo authorities, usually prominent businessmen or Minute Men officers. Those accused of crimes against the government appear before kangaroo courts presided over by military judges.

Despite these dictatorial (and quasi-draconian) measures, a majority of Americans approve of them, seeing them as necessary but painful steps to restore American power.

Others, those less enthusiastic about the prospect of corporatism, reassure themselves that fascism cannot happen here, hence the novel’s title.

George Carlin once said conspiracies are not necessary when interests converge.

It was no coincidence that when Mitt Romney said corporations are people he had revealed the ugly nature of this convergence that exists in post 9-11 era America. More disturbing was the easy nature with which he twisted common sense into corporations being our nations gracious benefactors instead of the profiteers of our consumer prosperity.

The 1% today get that way by offloading their financial risk to the people they claim to empower with their lobbying efforts but are working toward and have reached the indenture servant state where the people only work to shop the company store that provides all their needs except social mobility.

Donald Trump is next evolutionary step into as insidious form of corporate power. This power is far more deadly than any before it because it encapsulates Fox News style narratives of government mistrust and impending terrorist attack as well as the populism of reality show culture. Donald Trump like Ronald Reagan benefits from being a celebrity with highly from decades of media exposure.

The possible outcome of a Trump presidency will be the empowerment of hate groups to crawl out from every dark corner and stake their pro-white claim on Americas soul. With open carry laws in place and their nationalist ideology stripped of any legal or moral restrictions from the highest office of power we will soon see armed patrols of citizens watch groups. The clone army of George Zimmermans who will self-righteously shoot first and remorselessly defend their actions in defense of their liberty.


Americans do not realize sometimes how little political choice they have in the grand scheme of things. It leads them to a thirst for an actual drink of that true liberty core to the American psyche that they must normally squeeze into the permissible norms of left or right allowed by the corporate state. This revolutionary thirst is used by Corpos to manipulate and weaponize the opposing sides.

Kim Davis was allowed to abuse her office of power by using her own personal religious views to deny the rights of those she personally judged as being unworthy. This was not to prevent some concentration camp slaughter but denied two homosexual people the right to join themselves together under law for their own security. Mainstream media enforced this acceptance of bigoted civil obstruction by allowing the airtime for her moment with Mike Huckabee to solidify a celebrity endorsement of traitorous behavior.


Americans who are taught to challenge authority within narrow confines in order to protect establishment unity and are now caught conflating the freedom of religion with freedom of speech.

The problem with that argument of religious dominionism is that belief and faith tries to masquerade as rational logic. Both of which are interpreted individually or typically by influential leaders instead of mass consensus leading to its easy corruptibility. It is not hard to see religious zealotry disguised as freedom of speech when it seeks to manipulate the basic rights of others based on spiritual values.


Who are our Corpos now?

They are the leaders in the corporate nationalist state that has bled our nation of sanity through their propaganda. They have worked tirelessly for their own enrichment by the elimination of governmental regulation at the expense of the public good. The most blatant example is Flints water supply which had been tainted with lead for over two years due to cronyism.

Unlike Windrip, Donald Trump will not need to mobilize his own Minute Men when those groups already exist waiting for the head nod to begin teaching lessons to the inferior. Its become apparent with Trump that every constitutionalist militia and self-proclaimed patriot group will align themselves with an authority that turns a blind eye or even openly encourages violence through biased moral argument.

These right-wing groups extend the use of legal hypocrisy to themselves that protects public servants. Except they are not duly elected except by themselves. Each of these groups with similar power-hungry agendas will temporarily align but then will compete for power once the common undesirables are put in their place.

That is where the fiction of It Cant Happen Here intersects with reality. American hypersensitivity over the interpretations of 2nd amendment rights have allowed Corpo influence to increase perceptions of violent recourse as the only option to defend this twisted version of liberty. Historically, we have seen these violent coups happen time and again under corporatist rule with the perception that other countries are somehow inferior to Americas profound and unique understanding of freedom.

But this also exists in the left as social justice warriors and special interest groups pushing themselves to head of the line. Both claim moral authority of the interpretation of the US Constitution. However there is an important difference in rhetoric between the right and the left.

While one group emphasizes the rights of a minority sometimes over the many the other emphasizes dominance of a minority over the many always. The liberal enhances rights of a minority while the conservative reserves rights for the minority. The core value of conservatism is freedom through control and it manifests that control by using traditional values while advancing tyranny through privatization and corporate worship.

Unfortunately what is little realized is that these traditional values have long been based on the feudal mentality of lords and vassals. Feudalism has been institutionalized in both government and religion hence the intertwining of the two. These mechanics of totalitarianism are what lie behind the plot of It Cant Happen Here and the lesson we can learn from it.

The democratic establishment is just as guilty of praying at the altar of Corpo religion with their message is shrouded in similar rhetoric from the other side, a control through freedom. This manifests itself in overcompensation for special interest in hopes of equalizing liberty but just creates more dissatisfaction in the short span of attention that people live under in a hyper-changing world. It is the fascism of freedom that created the politically correct paradigm much of society sees as hypocrisy by ignoring the equality of the majority.

However the third part of the equation is little discussed and that is the civic responsibility we have abandoned as a culture. In the end we are to blame for the situation through our inaction, our laziness, and our own petulant desires to let someone else figure it out. Not all blame rests on our shoulders, having to live in the bombardment of consumerism that is Corpo-Life but to begin to move forward we must examine our own duplicity in this charade of democracy.

Our voter apathy plays into the Corpo narrative that the population is irresponsible and easily manipulated when to comes to making decisions that profoundly impact their lives. Its hard to argue that point when only 10% of the U.S. population votes for the two choices of public office.

We can blame the media but in the end WE are the ones who drink the Kool Aid of petty distractions like celebrity gossip, gender bathroom privileges, and the morality of abortion. Meanwhile roads and bridges crumble, public schools are cut out of funding by private charter schools, and mental health is left as a law enforcement issue. These decisions are the ones made by others when we are not engaged in the process and instead more attention is given to voting on American Idol.

With the upcoming election deciding what appears to be yet another dark chapter in American politics we have the choice how we will need to change the future. One course is full civil war and insurrection that may never end or rebellion through the malaise of incremental change that may never occur.

It has been said that delay is best antidote for anger. While more obstructionism can only delay the inevitable,  it also gives us time for the inevitable to be created.

Heres where what Bernie Sanders was saying about the revolution that must occur. Establishment liberals and conservatives are arrogant about the safety of their positions of power but that arrogance has always been their weakness and must be exploited. This masquerade of corporate dominance still covers democratic processes as it depends upon participation to maintain power.

The Corpos greatest weapon are the resources they use to maintain their political activity beyond election cycles while the rest of us are distracted by survival. If there is to be any change it will take a cultural revolution of decreased dependency on diversions and increased focus on civic engagement. That means getting off our asses and attending city council meeting, and even state congresses to get in the face of the current establishment.

This change has one crucial dependency, you.

How willing are you to become involved with local decisions that impact those around you?

How willing are you to sacrifice your time to assume civic responsibilities?

How willing are you to give up a Netflix-n-chill session?



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Bernie once said in so many words, that if you ask for a slice you usually will get crumbs, thats why you start by asking for the whole loaf.

Monday night at the 2016 Democratic National Convention we were told we can only have half that loaf and if we want the rest we are going to have to work for it like we never have before. The changes we need will not come from figureheads but from those of us who rise up and refuse to quiet our voices.

No, Sarah Silverman we are not being ridiculous to challenge a corrupt system of people that collude to silence our voices. We are not immediately jumping on your bandwagon of unity because we dont trust Hillary Clinton for reasons to great to count. Her snub to Bernie delegates speaks volumes of the gulf we are faced with and the kind of people that push that distance farther.

With the Clinton nomination our duty should be to become the conscience of yet another Clinton presidency but hold her accountable for taking that other half of that loaf. Our voices should be raised even more if Clinton fails to keep her promises.

Yes, we all believe Clinton will do nothing but we do not know it.


The thing that sucks about knowledge is its so after the fact because knowledge requires rational people to withhold judgement until verifiable proof can be found. As we have seen, belief without knowledge leads many to ignorance and bigotry. Delay has always been the best antidote to anger.

Neither presidential choice is appealing in this instance but this is reality and one reason Sanders chose to run democrat was for the changes that are now in the party platform. The platform that the vast network of Democrats at state and local levels must use for their governance. That what we are told and that is what we must believe.

Bernie didnt sell out, he overcame a corrupt system to make the changes that are necessary for the revolution to begin but it is now on us to march forward. Anyone who thought this revolution was going to be as easy as electing one man may have just been in this for the free stuff.

As one who voted for Nader in 2000, I fully realize what results could come from letting democrats lose this election. The lesser of two evils argument is hard to deny but again did we think that evil would disappear with one man?

Id like to personally thank Senator Sanders for all he did to fight the system that pushed him down at every opportunity. I want to thank him for opening many eyes and bringing something to life that I thought died a long time ago. I see people awake and engaged.

We still need to elect Berniecrats into office or become them ourselvesTrump and Clinton are only the figureheads of the larger issue of those who would use power of public office for their own gains. It is time for us to speak up and use the system as it has been used against us.


We still need people with Bernies message to get elected school boards, city councils, municipal offices, state offices as well as congress. Notice I do not say Clintons message.

Im not saying vote for Clinton, but there are real stakes in this. Clinton is a corrupt career politician that has maintained some recognition of constitutional limits but Trump is a money mad buffoon that will use any means to get into power and has no problem throwing people under the bus. The problem is Trump will begin to believe he is rightand he might not give it back.

As always, its our choice.

If we allow ourselves to become disillusioned and bitter then all the criticism about the movement being an infantile temper tantrum will be validated.

Yes Berners, feel mad, feel bitter, but use that energy to launch action and raise voice for the progressive values of this 74 year old man from Vermont who told us one thing.

This is not about me, its about US.

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The UK has voted to leave the EU. Two seconds of watching Nigel Farage’s head bobbing tells me he’s just like our Americas states rights advocates of the GOP. The unspoken problems with less government are a tendency for little tin pot dictators to rise up being empowered by xenophobic ramblings and gain the illusion of legitimacy with an intimidated public.


This won’t be little Asian guys in uniforms and sunglasses that Chuck Norris can vaporize with just a look but the faces you see every day who promise power through their supposed strength which will turn the world upside down in an effort to keep their right side up. For example, I would point to Kim Davis who refused to perform her elected duties based on religious objections claiming she answered to a higher power than the state.

The New World Order might not be the monolithic one world government that Alex Jones and the conspiracy heads constantly warn about. It appears more like this fragmentation into many sovereign states that will eschew public safety for corporate greed by using the illusion of democracy such as in Flint Michigan or Gov. Sam Brownbacks disastrous bankruptcy of the state of Kansas.

Being sovereign is taken as you don’t have to obey regulations that get in the way of profit which is the only measure we seem to have these days about the goal of civilization. From there it becomes easier to stop obeying your own laws and principles because you break them to defend your homeland. You can break them with impunity both inside and out under this disguise of patriotism and yet still maintain yourself defined righteousness because the rest of the world is ignorant to your glory.

Oceania is born.…

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ThomasHCrown on Twitter captures brilliantly the dynamics at play with the GOP con man.


So a lot of people don’t have much experience with real estate developers. Donald Trump is basically a walking cliche. I’ll explain.

First, remember that at a certain scale, developers aren’t pitching land or location. They’re pitching themselves.

What this means is that as far as their mouths are concerned, they always produce fantastic improvement and they always have giant wallets.

Their first job is to get investors to buy into them their vision, their capability, their magic. They sell themselves first and always.

But the next developer who doesn’t hit a snag will be the first. Trump has hit a lot of snags in his life.

So Trump falls back on one of the traditional escape routes: Make this all about the investors and not him.

This works more often with sophisticated investors than you’d think because they are still composed of humans.

So the problem isn’t the project and never the developer, it’s a lack of investment, a stingy attitude, pick your horse-hockey.

If you won’t back this project enough to get over the ordinary bumps, ILL DO IT MYSELF.

Invariably, when you hear that, it means a few things.

(1) The project is in danger.

(2) There’s no easy way out.

(3) The developer is thin.

Having represented more than a few developers and banks, I’ve gotten to see this in real time and forensically. It’s a cliche.

Now, the next step when the investors don’t immediately fall for this garbage is something showy to prove the dude still can throw.

Maybe he puts $1m of his own money (NOTE FACE VALUE; $200M; PERSONAL GUARANTY) down to show he’s not afraid to commit.

The likelihood of that million ever showing up is roughly half.
The point isn’t to cover 1/12 of the shortfall. It’s to convince the investors that the brave developer sees a bright light ahead.

Why else would he have invested [$1M/the first tranche of $250K] if not?

This is in itself a surprisingly effective tactic, which is to say, it sometimes works at all.

Rational humans recognize what a sunk cost is. Trump, like most developers, is betting that he’s not dealing with that kind of human.
A lot of [bankers/investors/elderly/middle-aged marks] will be moved both by the personal investment and sunk costs and double down.

This gives the developer room to do one of three things.

(1) Structure for bankruptcy/exit.

(2) Turn it around.

(3) Keep screwing up.
Remember: At this point, his goal isn’t seeing the project to a successful conclusion. That would be great, but it’s not his goal.

It’s to stay alive and keep himself viable for the next project.
If you step back and look, he’s saying that if you won’t give him money, he’ll give himself money and you won’t be part of him.

That’s the real tell: This isn’t about paying the note or mitigating damage. It’s about him. It’s always about him.

We are at that stage with Donald Trump now.
Mr. Trump is falling back on his playbook because he invested in a bad project and got a lot of marks to buy in with him.

He may or may not launch his own Hannity News Channel, he may or may not do anything, in particular, the rest of the race.

What I guaran-damn-tee he’s not going to do is liquidate $750M of his own assets in a fire sale and push through to the end.

As far as he’s concerned, that’s our job.

This, right here, is what’s so depressing about the Trump phenomenon. It’s just a mixed-use project in a far outlying county.

The whole project was sold on the idea that people would go out of their way to exist around something they never wanted anyway.

Our nominally expert-level political class was outpaced and outmaneuvered by a penny-ante real estate developer on autopilot.

This proves either that they’re not controlled by bankers (who know this game) or that they’re just really bad bankers themselves.

So now we have to somehow get a 1/3-done shopping center to market for the big season because foreclosure ain’t gonna do jack.

And the developer has already structured himself to file a Chapter 7, skip the guaranty, and still own his yacht.

Of course, the shopping center/condo complex is three counties away from the nearest major suburb and there are no roads to the site.

So even if we get the thing built up, the locals don’t want it and can’t afford it, there are no anchor tenants and no accessibility.

The only bright spot: Sean Hannity will TOTALLY buy one of those condos.…

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15 - 1


Kevin James wanna be, Joshua Feuerstein wanted some attention so he violated his 9th commandment to the barista’s at Starbucks in order to get Merry Christmas on his little cup.

The war is all about coffee brewers, the one who will make good brewed coffee will win it.

Since Christians are lying now, it seems they have lost the War on Christmas?

15 - 1





15 - 1 (1)


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Democrat? and won’t vote? Stupid

What we can now call the Liberal establishment is furious with the recent movement of boycotting the 2016 elections if Hillary Clinton wins the democratic nomination for president.

This movement comes in response to the apparent favoritism in media and punditry for Clintons campaign seemingly ignoring the popularity of Bernie Sanders by those who are not sponsored by big money.

10 Reasons I’m Only Voting For Bernie Sanders and Will Not Support Hillary Clinton

There is a segment of the voting public that is tired of being shamed into voting for the lesser of two evils.

This has been going on since Get Out The Vote campaigning was developed for voter registration to address voter apathy. The message that was developed tied together voting with to losing something personal.

What developed in our culture was a religious-like response to the act of voting even when it does not serve or even works against the common interests. This thinking has been prevalent for the last 30 years and where has it gotten us?



Liberals have begrudgingly accepted the conservative shift in values to be more centrist when in fact democrats are now more recognizable as what republicans used to be. The goal of this shift has become power and the maintenance of that power. This power is, however, is held is such stalemate by opposing forces that, as we have seen the only result is legislative obstructionism.

In response, the political establishment counters with the nationalistic analogies that for us to win, they must lose. Well, the question I have becomes just who is us and who is them?

With a substantial number of the members of congress who can be classified as millionaires, it seems that blindly voting for the lesser of two evils over time has produced a government for the wealthy by the wealthy. This is not to say that this was never the case to begin with but there has been little true progress forward to put common people among the political elite when it comes to decisions about our nation.

People will argue that Clinton voted with Sanders 93% of the time however, its that 7% Clinton didnt vote for that makes all the difference, especially when it came to war.  Sanders positions remain consistent and are validated by time itself while Clintons positions evolve over time, usually from wrong to kinda-right.

What Sanders message has done is to wake up Americas progressives into realizing just how the DNC has lead their party into equivalence with the Republican philosophies by flavoring them with liberal context. Social changes without real effectiveness and still attached to capitalist values.

Bernie is exactly what America need for the very reasons people say he cant win. The reason his platform seems so radical is because we have drifted so far from what socialism is about. And thats the problem. people have been sold the myth of the welfare queen for so long that we think all public assistance as rewarding failure.

Maybe a complete DNC defeat is needed for real progressive change to start?

As callous as it sounds, maybe people need see some death camps again to appreciate the benefit of giving their fellow humans a little free stuff and stop believing Donald Trump or the lottery is going to make them rich. This is just my opinion however, I dont advocate death camps even for the unpatriotic rich but revolutions can occur in many ways and this can be one them.

What we may be seeing in Bernie supporters refusal to vote for Clinton is the revolt against the corporate takeover of those who are supposed to represent the people. Not the people defined as corporations or special interest but the nation as a whole.

Democratic party is being sent a message that it needs to change to a more progressive and inclusive platform or they will become extinct just as the republican party was subsumed by the tea party radicals.

Now its the progressive radicals turn and the rally point is Bernies candidacy. This is a point where we start demanding more from these public servants for they are public servants beholden to we the people.

Shrugging our shoulders and saying what are you gonna do isnt going to cut it anymore. Doing that has lead us to where we are now with the magnified social problems of inequality, lack of compromise, and serious environmental problems.

Whats stupid may be blindly following expectations. Its your vote. Its your Voice.





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scaled full


William Melvin “Bill” Hicks was an American comedian, social critic, satirist and musician. His material, encompassing a wide range of social issues including religion, politics, and philosophy, was controversial, and often steeped in dark comedy.

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Bill Hicks


tumblr m3



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“I Hope Senpai Will Notice Me” is a catchphrase commonly associated with anime shows and manga books that can often be found on the microblogging site Tumblr to express a quest to resolve unrequited admiration. Images utilizing this catchphrase will sometimes feature superimposed cherry blossoms, meant to represent romance, and anime-style facial expressions.











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Ethan Couch’s Affluenza Defense refers to a legal argument put forth by the attorneys of Ethan Couch, a North Texas teenager who fatally injured four pedestrians while driving a pickup truck under the influence of alcohol, which placed the blame for the defendant’s reckless actions on his wealthy upbringing and ultimately allowed him to escape a jail time sentence in January 2014.




my parents are

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